About SDB Sports

Hey Dear Visitor! 

First of all, we would like to thank you for visiting our site. We would like to give you a brief insight who are we and how have we been created.

SDB Sports has been conceived in 2019 by two ambitious friends after seeing that the culture of sports betting is on its decay, players were unsystematically gambling with their money based on hearsay, rumours and random chit-chats at the local pubs not being backed by strategic and organised reasoning. We just had enough of the events and scams going on in one of the motherlands of sports betting and racing, so we decided to create a platform where people would be able to take calculated risks by following our advises and tips!

Our goal is to spread the culture of quality sports betting in Ireland and eventually worldwide by providing tips, strategies and also live analysis and discussions with our customers, where the focus is on YOU and also on the community as a whole!

There is one word by which we can be describe: diversity. We do our work passionately and with the help of numerous other successful tipsters from different countries not only within Europe, but worldwide and we keep in touch with these people on a daily basis. This is what makes us different from other sites and tipsters! We make our analysis not only by looking at what local people are looking at, but by calculating into what other people with different backgrounds and traditions are telling us with a 100% trust and honesty. As a result, we have been successfully made a great fortune for us and we would like you to have the same!

We hope that you enjoy your time while being with us and we wish you a great success!