Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate sends son Jamie and his family away as she takes on Graham Foster

Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate sends son Jamie and his family away as she takes on Graham Foster

EMMERDALE’s Kim Tate send her son Jamie and his family packing in an upcoming episode as she plans her revenge against Graham.

It’s not looking like it’s going to be a happy Yuletide for the cursed Tate clan after Graham revealed to Kim that he’s Millie’s biological daughter.

Kim sends her family off to Lapland

Emmerdale fans will know that the dark businessman and feisty Kim are at war with each other after he publicly rejected her.

Graham cruelly told her she better get used to seeing him with Rhona and also announced that Kim’s son Jamie was responsible for putting her behind bars.

But the blonde baddie was quick to retaliate by announcing to the Woolpack with the news that she’s married to the former soldier.

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Kim wants revenge on Graham for sleeping with her son’s wife[/caption]

However, Graham managed to get the upper hand when he sneered he is the father of Kim’s grand daughter Millie.

Afterwards, Kim was not a happy bunny and urged Andrea to take a DNA test to confirm the answer once and for all.

And in an upcoming episode, Kim packs Jamie, Andrea and Millie off to Lapland.

Kim was furious to learn that Jamie might not be Millie’s dad

In scenes as yet to be aired, Graham immediately has his suspicions that she’s planning something sinister – could he be right?

Kim’s actions also leave him even more convinced that he must be the biological father of Millie.

Her motives for sending her family away are yet to be revealed but it’s likely the feisty character, who’s partial to a bit of revenge, might be planning Graham’s downfall.

Fans have already predicted that Kim will murder Graham after discovering he’s Millie’s dad, with actor Andrew Scarborough set to leave his role as Graham later this year.

Could this plan be the start of her revenge?