Furious Klopp belittles Israeli reporter; tries to shut down his second question

Furious Klopp belittles Israeli reporter; tries to shut down his second question

An angry Jurgen Klopp tried to stop a reporter from asking a question after Sunday’s 4-1 defeat to Manchester City.

Klopp was in a sunken mood after City turned on the style to sink Liverpool in the second half at Anfield.

Klopp also had a run in with Sky’s Geoff Shreeves before he took an Israeli sports journalist to task at pitchside.

Reporter Niv Dovrat of Israeli TV station Sport 1 asked Klopp if his side could catch Man City with his Liverpool side 10 points behind.

Klopp though was not very receptive too the question and said Dovrat should “prepare for your job better”.

Klopp told Dovrat: “I really think you should prepare your job better to be honest. How can you ask that?

“They are 13 points away, in my understanding, and these questions about becoming champions – do you really think that’s appropriate at the moment.”

Despite Dovrat being factually correct, Klopp then tried to insist hat Dovrat was not allowed to ask anything else as his two allocated questions were used up.

“We have only two questions and you waste one for that. Your fault, you had only two questions.

“Your fault, you had only two questions, you had only two questions,” added Klopp with a smirk.

“You had only two questions and the second one you wasted it.

Klopp eventually answered and conceded the champions were thinking about a top-four finish.

Klopp said: “No, they are I think they (City) are running away. That (fighting for top four) is obvious. We will try to do that.”

Journalist Dovrat defended his questions to Klopp on Monday morning and claimed the Reds boss’ angry response was “unusual”.

He tweeted: “I have interviewed the Liverpool manager dozens of times over the past few years. Last night, I was exposed to a different and unusual response.

“Looking back, I think the style, manner and tone of the question were appropriate. The manager disagreed with me.”

Shreeves in Klopp’s firing line

Defending a Premier League title has proved one of English football’s most elusive tasks down the years. Thus, it is not uncommon for journalists to probe the manager of last season’s champions about their side’s capabilities.

Klopp has duly faced his fair share of such questioning, but in his latest interview with Shreeves, he took issue with the Sky Sports reporter.

Asked if he still believed his side can win a second successive title, the German said: “I really can’t believe… I don’t understand you, honestly. The only thing you want to talk about all the time now is us becoming champions.

“Can you imagine… have you ever been the best sports commentator in the world? Do you think it’s still possible? Just try it.

“We try. But if I say it’s possible, or it’s not possible, then we have another headline.”


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