Teen Mom Jenelle Evans reveals she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder & was ‘never as bad as viewers made her out’

Teen Mom Jenelle Evans reveals she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder & was ‘never as bad as viewers made her out’

TEEN Mom alum Jenelle Evans has admitted she was misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder and “just has anxiety” before hitting back at fans.

The MTV star, 30, took to social media after one user, who had re-watched the Teen Mom back-catalogue, made a comment on her conduct.


Teen Mom Jenelle Evans has told how she was ‘misdiagnosed’ with Bipolar disorder during her time on the show[/caption]


The mom of three, 30, told how she ‘just has anxiety’[/caption]

The fan mused of Jenelle: “After watching it [Teen Mom] again you seemed like a pretty normal teenager.

“Especially after having a baby with crazy hormones and bipolar?

“People need shhhhh.”

This prompted Jenelle to quickly reply: “Yeah I was misdiagnosed and just have anxiety but yes def was way more high strung and defensive back then!”

Taking to Reddit, some were not impressed with the mom of three’s turn of phrase, with one writing: “Most adults live with anxiety and the fact that Jenelle is using this to “connect to her fans” feels like yet again a last ditch effort to stay relevant.

“It doesn’t feel very genuine. It feels desperate on her end.

“She isn’t trying to create awareness, she’s looking for some attention and pity.”

Yet the TikTok-loving star was back to her sassy best as she hit back at a troll with a lip-syncing video.

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One fan had sent a comment as they pleaded with the MTV star: “Just stop!

“Focus on your kids!! Get out of the limelight … be a good person.”

Jenelle took this as an opportunity both to hit back and glam up, as she pulled on a black vest top and opted for a dramatic look with black winged eyeliner.

She flashed a pout before she mimed to a track which had the blunt lyrics: “Can we just be honest? I was never as bad as you made me out to be

“You just needed me to be bad so you could justify how badly you treated me.”

As expected, fans reacted in their droves, with one raging on Reddit: “‘I was never as bad as you made me out to be’ …That’s true. You were much worse.

“MTV gave you the best edit you could have ever wished for and covered up so much s**t you did.”

Another referred to her partner David Eason, and his slaying of the family pet, as they quipped: “Like lady, u got back with the person who murdered ur dog.”

A third posted: “Ummm WTF!! Jenelle was horrible and no one imagined her being bad, she was bad.

“I have no doubt that there was plenty more bad behavior that was never shown too.

“Jenelle is always playing the victim and acting like nothing was ever her fault but it was all her fault, every last bit of it was her fault. She’s such a piece of s**t that will never accept responsibility.”

Another then jested: “Jenelle would rather get hit by a bus twice than ever admit fault.”


Jenelle recently referred to her anxiety battle as she revealed her worries were stopping her getting a good night’s sleep.

She took to her Instagram Stories to open about her struggles, including having “major social anxiety.”

She started the Q&A asking: “I have anxiety. Anyone else?”

Her fans quickly responded with their experiences living with anxiety, which Jenelle agreed with.

One fan said they had “debilitating anxiety with nightmares,” to which Jenelle replied, “Yes, nightmares are bad for me too.”

The TV mom “smiled” when one fan revealed they watch Jenelle on old episodes of Teen Mom to help them with anxiety.

When one fan admitted they had “health anxiety,” Jenelle also revealed “that’s what a lot of mine is.”

She then described what anxiety feels like to her.

Jenelle wrote: “The feeling of extreme fear for certain situations or no reason and can’t figure out why… I’m worrying about the dumbest things that haven’t even happened.”

She finished off the discussion by paying gratitude to her fans with her honesty.

She wrote: “Thanks for talking with me! I love reading everyone’s feedback.

“Anxiety is so real! I’ll read more tomorrow.”


Jenelle has been open about her health issues, as she revealed she has a series of “painful” tumors, including two in her spine and one in her neck.

The reality star gave a sad update about her health in a TikTok video, responding to a commenter who said they were a “huge fan.”

“Hey, thanks for the support,” Jenelle said while laying down on a bed. “I’ve just been taking things easy lately.

“I’m making my health number one right now, so if it seems like I kind of lost my spark or motivation, I kind of have.

“I’ve recently been diagnosed with, you know, two tumors in my spine.

“They also recently found out I have a tumor in my neck which hurts pretty bad… I’ve just been in a lot of pain lately and my neck is just killing me.”

The former Teen Mom 2 star, who shared her struggles with her spine disorder before, said she has an “update” with her neurosurgeon next week.

Jenelle suffers from the disorder syringomyelia, which causes fluid-filled cysts (called a syrinx) to develop within the spinal cord.

The symptoms include headaches, pain, loss of reflexes and muscle weakness.

In some extreme cases, they can lead to paralysis.


Later the star hit back at a troll with a sassy TikTok video centred on how she was ‘not as bad’ as fans think[/caption]

Jenelle recently opened up on how her anxiety impacts her sleep
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The TikTok lover also told of her other health battles[/caption]