Harry Maguire reveals his dad was injured in Wembley mayhem

Harry Maguire reveals his dad was injured in Wembley mayhem

England’s big day ruined

England centre-back Harry Maguire revealed to the Sun that his father had been caught up in the stampedes that occurred at Wembley stadium ahead of the Euro 2020 final.

With England in their first major tournament final since 1966, with the added bonus of playing at home, English fans went into Sunday boisterous, excited and adrenaline-charged.

What transpired on the day at Wembley stadium and around London, however, was little short of hooliganism, and offered a stark reminder to overseas and English fans alike as to why their supporters have such a poor reputation.

Ticketless fans storm Wembley

Perhaps the most worrying aspect of the situation was the blatant disregard from England fans for other peoples’ safety.

So caught up in wanting to watch history unfold, many stormed the disabled turnstiles, while others made use of the generously sized Wembley turnstiles that allowed more than one person to enter on a single ticket.

The result was that thousands of fans found themselves in the stadium without tickets, while thousands more outside hoped to follow suit.

This evening, Harry Maguire revealed to the Sun that his dad was a victim of such attempts, saying that he was knocked to the floor, suffering suspected broken ribs.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with the paper, the Manchester United defender said:

“My dad was in the stampede. I have not spoken with him too much but I am pleased my kids didn’t go to the game.

“It was scary — he said he was scared and I don’t want anyone to experience that at a football match.

Given the events that unfolded, it seems unlikely that England will be successful with their bid for the 2030 World Cup. In truth, it is a surprise that no significant disaster occurred on Sunday evening.

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