Racism isn’t to blame for Meghan Markle’s soaring unpopularity — her treatment of the Queen and taxpayer is

Racism isn’t to blame for Meghan Markle’s soaring unpopularity — her treatment of the Queen and taxpayer is

Megxit lies

WHAT is it that leftie nitwits still cannot grasp as they blame racism for Meghan’s plight — and lazily defame the most ­welcoming nation on Earth?

Skin colour has nothing to do with it. She and Harry broke the simple contract between the Royals and the public: We pay the money. They do their duty.

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Racism isn’t to blame for Meghan Markle’s soaring unpopularity — her treatment of The Queen and taxpayer is, The Sun says[/caption]

Many of those attacking our people and Press simply don’t understand the deal. This entitled pair want the lifestyle without the work.

And they have treated the Queen abysmally — as well as the taxpayers who bankrolled their lavish, ­joyous wedding and their luxury home.

Meghan’s soaring unpopularity is down solely to that. She could shore it up, if she still cares, by admitting racism played no part.

There is no evidence it did. But then it suits her political soulmates to pretend there can be no ­reasonable objection to her behaviour.

That may change once her case against the Mail on Sunday begins. It now seems her father was shabbily treated by this “woke” couple too.

And that Meghan’s pals used the dastardly Press to put out her own manicured version of the story. Indeed that seems to be all she thinks journalists exist to do: her PR.

Meghan Markle is suing the Mail on Sunday for damages after it published a leaked letter she wrote to Thomas Markle three months after her May 2018 wedding
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Button it, Jess

MEMO to Labour’s Jess Phillips: The gobby ­teenager act will not win you votes. And you cannot demand more civility towards politicians, then brand Boris Johnson a “blond baboon”.

It is stunning hypocrisy to tearfully claim his phrase “Surrender Act” was “designed to cause hatred”, then hurl hate-filled abuse. You cannot be shrinking violet AND yob.

Jess Phillips need understand that ‘the gobby teenager act’ will not win you votes, The Sun says
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Oppose Boris — but grow up. A month ago he won five more years as Prime Minister with an 80-seat majority and 14million votes. Have a little respect.

Truth is, Labour are in a dire state if Phillips is a serious contender for leader. Her policy pitch is embarrassingly ­vacuous. But the rest are shocking too.

Lisa Nandy claims to accept Brexit — except she wants free movement and no trade deal with the wicked Americans.

Keir Starmer, even now, wants to stay in the customs union. Good luck selling that to an independent Britain in 2024. And he’s the favourite.

Party poopers

IT seems wrong to deny the Brexit Party a Brexit party. But the Government must take back control of what happens in Westminster at 11pm on January 31.

They want to be sensitive to Remainers. But, bongs or no bongs, this is indisputably a seismic event. A new era of independence. The triumph of our democracy over those who tried so long to thwart it.

Parliament bosses recently thwarted Boris Johnson’s bid for Big Ben to bong on Brexit by refusing to accept public cash
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Boris, Dominic Cummings and 17.4million voters brought this revolution about. If the celebrations are owned by Nigel Farage, with respect to him, it will confirm Remainers’ prejudices.

The PM must not shy away from it.

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