What stars’ beds say about them from Olivia Buckland & Alex Bowen’s ‘magic’ passion chamber to ‘egotistical’ Katie Price

What stars’ beds say about them from Olivia Buckland & Alex Bowen’s ‘magic’ passion chamber to ‘egotistical’ Katie Price

SHE’S the bubbly presenter who brightens up everyone’s morning – but it’s not just Holly Willoughby’s daytime TV chat that reveals her personality.

This week, she gave fans a hint of her nighttime refuge when she launched her Dunelm bed range, telling fans it’s full of “timeless designs that I’ve fallen in love with”.

Holly Willoughby has launched her own range of bedding at Dunelm

And the style of stars’ boudoirs, be it luxurious or homely, actually reveals a lot about their hidden personality traits, according to psychologist Dr Arthur Cassidy.

For example, Holly’s on-trend collection, featuring white and grey floral notes, shows she is “optimistic” and adventurous.

“Holly has chosen pastel shades and classic styles which also reflect her inner warmth, sensuality, elegance and styling,” he reveals. 

“Pastel shades can have an immediate energising effect, sustaining a colourful personality imbued with optimism, adventure and health and happiness.

“Holly’s tasteful designs also instil peace and tranquillity in the bedroom after a hard day’s work. The message here is time for reflection health and beauty. Pastels combat low moods giving us all that much longed for love boost.”

Here’s what the bedrooms of other celebrities say about them.

Olivia and Alex’s ‘Love Island’

Olivia Buckland and Alex Bowen go for simple white and silver

Loved-up Love Island couple Olivia and Alex, who wed in 2018, went for simple and stylish for the bedroom in their Essex home, with white duvet and silver cushions.

But the sign above the bed says they have a sexy side…

“Here is an infusion of fabrics, rich in silks and satins, oozing love, passion, sensuality and relaxed styling with symbols of reds, pinks and whites,” says Dr Cassidy.

“This radiates personality with spontaneity, agreeableness and easy going individuals. Let the magic flow!”

‘Adventurous’ Stacey Solomon

Pregnant Stacey works in bed as middle son Leighton snoozes on a cushion

Stacey Solomon’s botanical-themed duvet set could be a nod to the jungle, where she first met partner Joe Swash while competing in I’m A Celeb.

Joe was presenting the spin-off show when Stacey was crowned Queen of the Jungle and, while they stayed as friends until they started dating in 2016, Joe later said he fancied her on first sight.

The mum-of-three – pictured when pregnant with baby Rex who was born in May – carries on the green theme with a matching drawer in her bedside table.

“Stacey’s choice of bedding and soft furnishings demonstrate her natural flair for floral patterns, yearning for nature, adventure and travel,” says Dr Cassidy.

“Stacey is in direct contrast to Holly in her choice of bedding. But her personality type is of a healthy narcissist, like Holly, and it radiates fun and imagination infused with boldness.”

‘Egotistical’ Katie Price

Katie Price’s bedroom included clothes chucked over a rail
Planet Photos
Katie Price’s home was nicknamed the ‘mucky mansion’

When Katie Price showed off her Sussex house in Through The Keyhole, it looked like she’d had a hurried tidy up – as seen in the bedroom where piles of clothes were dumped over the rail in the corner.

Fans were amazed by the piles of clutter and rubbish around Katie’s house, including a heap in the hallway by the front door and a large mess in her bedroom.

The home she shares with her five children was instantly dubbed the ‘mucky mansion’, but her bedding harked back to glamour with a silver duvet set and a sumptuous velvet throw.

Katie’s egotistical style not only speaks of pure rich elegance but is demonstrative of her celebrity status,” says Dr Cassidy.

“She’s flamboyant but it also reflects a very disorganised celebrity who has her clothes strewn hurriedly over the clothes rail.

“This is reflective of her self belief and power to stay in the celebrity circuit. Her style is simplicity contrasted with pseudo Georgian features.”

Zoella – ‘Knows what she wants’

Zoella has chosen an eye-popping teal and mustard combo for her spare bed
Zoella’s decor shows warmth and sensuality

Zoella – AKA Zoe Sugg – has injected some colour into her Brighton mansion with her striking teal and mustard bedroom and a gallery wall featuring art work and slogan prints.

“Zoella’s mustard room is full of personality and intrigue,” says Dr Cassidy. “There is not only warmth in the mustard and ochre colouring but the fluffy soft furnishings demonstrate sensuality, elegance, love and acceptance.

“The pictures show an organised self, a celeb who knows what she wants. The mustard shades interact with the teal in a positive way bringing a fresh, spring has come feeling.”

‘Self aware’ Belle Hassan

Belle Hassan goes for a snug fleecy throw and a splash of pink

Single Love Island star Belle Hassan looks like she enjoys having the bed to herself in this candid bedroom snap.

But what do that fluffy throw and the eye-catching cushions say about her?

“This pic tells it all as Belle has chosen a bed rich in deep colours with a very functional use of a lush fur-effect throw to compliment her sensuality and warmth,” says Dr Cassidy.

“Headboards of this type are mostly preferred by women with a sense of stardom and celebrity achievement.

“Massive pillows are symbolic of a huge self-awareness and femininity. Here is imagination, boldness and a symbol of power and status.”

‘Romantic’ Lauren Goodger

Lauren Goodger is a silver lady when it comes to bedtime
Lauren lived to regret sharing her bed with her dogs when one pooped on her sheets

It’s wall-to-wall silver when it comes to Lauren Goodger’s bedroom, with shimmery sheets suggesting glamour.

But there was nothing glamorous about her pampered pooch pooing on the duvet a few weeks ago.

Lauren shared a video of one of her King Charles Cavalier Spaniels doing the dirty deed in December.

Even so, Dr Cassidy is impressed with her style.

“Lauren shows a love of luxury with elaborate styling in the plush headboard and low-set bed frame,” he says.

“The soft bedding is a pure reflection of her romantic nature and silky sensuality.”

Kourtney Kardashian – ‘Power Status’

Kourtney Kardashian’s bedroom has cushions that complement the blinds

The sign above Kourtney Kardashian’s bed is frank enough, but her style of decor is more on the subtle side.

“Is shows she is a very coordinated individual, reflecting her power status and healthy narcissism,” says Dr Cassidy.

“Kourtney’s choice of soft bedroom furnishings is symbolic of her love of self and a sensual approach to nature. All imbued with her colourful celebrity personality, touching and influencing our lives.”

Gordon Ramsay’s ‘warm’ side

Dad-of-five Gordon Ramsay shares a cute snap of himself in bed with baby Oscar

If you have five kids, you’d better have a big bed – and Gordon Ramsay does.

The 53-year-old chef – who recently shared this snap of himself with nine-month-old Oscar – also has a very simple taste in bedding, playing it safe with a plain white duvet cover and pillowcases.

“Gordon’s bedding choice of soft furnishing symbolises the softer side of his dynamic personality,” says Dr Cassidy.

“He’s a family man whose bed is the comfort zone at the end of a hectic day in the kitchen.

“Gordon thinks big, with large scale furnishings and a king-size bed, while constructive use of colours reflects the warmth of the true Gordon Ramsay.”

‘Empowered’ Amy Hart

Amy Hart’s spare bedroom has a striking duvet set with a shimmer
Love Island star Amy likes glamour in her life
Refer to Caption

Former air hostess Amy Hart is not afraid to make a bold statement in the bedroom.

The Love Island star, from Worthing, has chosen a shimmering purple duvet for her guest room with matching pillows.

“Amy has a no nonsense approach to life and relationships,” says Dr Cassidy.

“A women who is grounded, who uses silvers and purples to developed a sense of comfort, love and acceptance. After some time spent in the clouds she likes the feeling of sensuality and empowerment.”


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