France fury – Thousands of holidaymakers forced to cancel trips last minute over amber list chaos

France fury – Thousands of holidaymakers forced to cancel trips last minute over amber list chaos

THOUSANDS of Brits have been forced to cancel trips at the last minute after holidays to France are thrown into chaos.

Unlike other amber list countries, from Monday travellers from France will have to quarantine for 10 days on return- even if they are double-jabbed.


Travellers arriving from France will have to quarantine – despite having both doses of the vaccine[/caption]

Brits who have had two doses at least two weeks ago will no longer be able to skip quarantine to the holiday hotspot thanks to the clampdown.

This is because of fears over the rapidly-spreading South Africa variant, now known as Beta, which is ripping through France.

France will stay on the amber list for now – meaning returning travellers will be able to isolate at home rather than in pricey quarantine hotels.

Millions of sun-seekers face weeks of uncertainty over their holidays, and long periods of isolation if they decide to jet over there.

One furious holidaymaker wrote on Twitter: “I’m absolutely devastated that you have discriminated France, and now not allowing people to travel.

“I’m one of the many families that have had their holidays moved and finally when we had some hope, at the last minute it has been taken away from us again.”


Another said: “So p***ed off with having to cancel another holiday yet again, a week after being told it would be ok to go.”

A third disgruntled Brit wrote: “The France quarantine situation might be the straw that breaks me.

“After this school year the thought of a holiday was all that was keeping me going.”

Tom Jenkins, chief executive of the European Tourism Association, described the Government’s late changes to quarantine rules in relation to France as “abrupt” but “hardly surprising”.

He told Times Radio: “This Government really specialises in abrupt changes of policy but people who are describing shock and dismay really should have got used to this sort of thing occurring.

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“Anyone with children in this country has been watching Government policy change and switch and move direction and it’s hardly surprising that we’re seeing (this) now in the Channel area.”

Mr Jenkins added that guidance was “vague” but that disruption caused by changing policy was “nothing like” the damage already caused to the tourism industry by the pandemic.

A Government source said last night: “There are concerns about the levels of the Beta variant in France, and the vaccine effectiveness.

“This is a precautionary measure while we get more data.”

It’s understood that travellers will still have to take PCR tests on day two and eight, and can take a day five test to be freed, if it comes back negative.

The news will dash plans for thousands of family holidays to France, just days before schools break up for the summer, with no end-date in sight for the rules to be lifted.

Ministers will keep an eye on the situation and gather more data before making any further changes to the travel lists.

Rates of the Beta variant are currently highest in France’s capital city of Paris and the greater Île-de-France region.

French authorities force anyone who isn’t double jabbed to quarantine for seven days once they arrive – and are only permitted to travel into the country in exceptional circumstances.