“Thought it was too good to be true”, “Ridiculous”: These NUFC fans discuss Luke Edwards’ update

“Thought it was too good to be true”, “Ridiculous”: These NUFC fans discuss Luke Edwards’ update

So Newcastle fans are still having to wait anxiously to finally hear the news that Mike Ashley has left the building.

The club have been on the verge of a takeover for what feels like eternity now, and things appear to be only inching closer to completion.

Now, The Daily Telegraph journalist Luke Edwards has insisted that due to there being no official or unofficial notification from the Premier League, “nothing has changed yet”, and that the “takeover remains imminent”.

And after hearing Edwards’ clarification on where things stand at the moment, Newcastle fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on it.

A couple of fans seemed to be very optimistic after Edwards’ update, suggesting that the news all but confirmed the takeover is going to happen soon.

If and when the takeover does official go through, it promises to be worth the wait.

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The Ashley nightmare will finally be over, and Newcastle fans will have something to celebrate. After suffering years and years of turmoil under his leadership, an extra few days or weeks shouldn’t be considered the worst thing in the world if it does eventually see him leave the club.