Paul McCartney, Paul Rudd, Paul Pogba, Paul Newman. These people are pretty famous but none of them are the most famous ‘Paul.’ That accolade belongs to Paul the Octopus, who shot to fame in the 2010 World Cup with his accurate predictions in each match. Since Paul’s passing, many have tried to replace him but none have been able to match his legacy.

Fear no more! FootTheBall, in association with SaltandPepper, brings to you the new Paul, so to say, in the form of #PepperTheGolden Predicts. Pepper is a nine-month old-golden retriever who is training to be a service dog and will be telling you who to put your money on in the summer of football ahead.



Beginning with the Champions League semi-finals, Pepper will be presented with two bowls of food tagged with the emblems of the two contesting teams. Whichever bowl he eats from, will be Pepper’s predicted winner. Those who dare go against Pepper’s wishes will most certainly fall in the next round, lest he decides to forgive them.


For the first semifinal of the UEFA Champions League, Pepper has predicted that 13-time champions Real Madrid will emerge victorious over their English opponents Chelsea.



If Zinedine Zidane needs someone who can chase after the ball in the midfield, he can call up Pepper who is the expert in that field. Tell us what you think of his prediction in the comments of the post above!

This blog will be updated continuously with Pepper’s predictions but you can also follow FootTheBall’s social media channels to keep up with Pepper’s predictions team for each and every match for the Euro 2020 and Copa America later this summer!

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