Can you spot all seven differences in this tricky seaside puzzle?

Can you spot all seven differences in this tricky seaside puzzle?

FIRST he asked you to spot the panda, then he challenged you to find the goldfish, and now the master of puzzles is back with another fiendishly tricky brainteaser.

Hungarian artist Gergely Dudás, who often shares puzzles on his blog and in his books, is asking fans to spot the seven differences in this colourful beach scene.

Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

People are being challenged to spot the differences in these two seaside scenes[/caption]

Players are presented with two images of a variety of animals at the seaside, and at a glance you’d be forgiven for thinking that they are identical.

However, on closer inspection you should be able to spot a few differences in the two images.

While some of the changes will be quite obvious, others are much more subtle with only eagle-eyed puzzlers able to spot all seven.

Think you can find them all? Take the test. The answers are below, so no peeking!

Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

You should be able to find seven differences in the image[/caption]

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